The CE Certified KromatixTM Solar Glass is available in various colors and has a beautiful opaque finish, making the inner workings of the solar panels invisible and thus enhancing the overall aesthetics of the solar panels and avoiding glare effects. Color remains stable with time and sun exposure and average transmittance is above 85%.

Dimensions and heat treatment

KromatixTM glass is available in dimensions up to 2250 x 3210 mm and thicknesses comprised between 3.2 and 8 mm. It can be processed in the same way as standard solar glass in order to fit the customer production process and can be delivered already cut-to-size, heat-strengthened or fully tempered.

Mounting on solar panels

KromatixTM Glass can be applied on all available PV technologies. The glass doesn’t require any modification of the lamination or mounting process. It can be simply washed and installed on solar panels in the same way as usual transparent glass covers.