Emirates Insolaire’s innovative projects take centre stage at Intersolar Europe

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 Emirates Insolaire, a pioneer in the development of new solar technologies and a joint venture of Dubai Investments PJSC [DI] and SwissINSO Holding Inc., is providing an overview of its latest projects built in Europe with coloured solar glass innovation at Intersolar Europe, the world’s largest exhibition for solar industry currently under way in Munich, Germany.

The company, which completed the installation of the world’s first KromatixTM coloured solar PV modules on a building façade in Lausanne, Switzerland as well as other projects in Basel and Austria, is showcasing its latest innovations in coloured solar panels – the first-of-its-kind in the world. Over 1,000 exhibitors & 40,000 visitors are attending Intersolar, running till June 12.

Emirates Insolaire sees huge growth potential for the first-of-its-kind coloured solar panels, powered by the KromatixTM technology amidst 40% year-on-year growth in the photovoltaic market globally. The total number of installations in solar in the world is foreseen for 2015 as 160 GW – approximately 800 million square meters of glass; and Emirates Insolaire expects sales over 50,000 square metres for coloured solar panels in 2015 alone.

“What was not easily accepted earlier for aesthetical reasons is now a reality, and Emirates Insolaire projects in Switzerland and Austria have shown that it is possible to have energy-elegant dress from Emirates Insolaire on every house and building, bringing an important relief to our home planet, and a financial one to the energy user,” said Rafic Hanbali, Managing Partner of Emirates Insolaire.

“Emirates Insolaire’s breakthrough glass is optimized for both photovoltaic modules as well as solar thermal collectors. In particular, the solar PV industry has reached a critical tipping point, with end-market demand hitting record levels almost every quarter – so we are bullish on our future prospects across the entire globe,” added Hanbali.

The efficiency of each coloured solar panel is above 15% meaning that the installed power is above 150 watts peak per square meter. Emirates Insolaire, part of Glass LLC, the glass pioneers in the Middle East, manufactures its coloured solar glass panels at the Emirates Glass manufacturing facility in the UAE.