Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® explores SwissINSO and partnership with Dubai Investments on pioneering solar panel technology

Sunday, November 8, 2015 MMP (USA) has announced an exclusive interview on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® featuring SwissINSO, a Switzerland-based industry leader in the application of new solar technologies, and its partnership with Dubai Investments PJSC, the leading, diversified investment conglomerate, to create Emirates Insolaire LLC – the pioneer in the development of new solar technologies.

The interview will showcase SwissINSO and Emirates Insolaire’s breakthrough technology on coloured solar glass panels, which has made the solar energy option more aesthetically pleasing, and making the solar glass fit much larger areas on whole roofs and facades at an affordable cost and with high efficiency.

During the segment, Kathy Ireland has interviewed Rafic Hanbali, CEO of SwissINSO and Managing Partner of Emirates Insolaire, and Khalid Bin Kalban, Managing Director and CEO of Dubai Investments.

Commenting on the challenges that come with traditional solar panels, Hanbali said: "You have two challenges. On the producer side and so far the competition has been on lower prices, producing more quantities, and without producing something new. It became a sort of commodity with more or less excellent quality but with the same line. On the user side, you have really no choice except black or dark blue panels which one hides on a roof. These are the challenges today."

He continued by talking about how the coloured panels created by SwissINSO and produced by Emirates Insolaire, create more architectural possibilities for social power.

In his comments, Kalban said: “The technology by SwissINSO and Emirates Insolaire is the right fit for us, the right fit for the market and the right fit for the equipment we have. The technology is in line with the local government initiative to harness alternative energy sources; and offers the architects greater flexibility to put the right products on the buildings with the colour of your liking.”

The Vice President of Programming, JL Haber was quoted as saying, "Opening up new solar panel options that are attractive is a great turn in the market. Until now, there have only been some boring options but SwissINSO has changed all of that with their solar panel creations.”

Tune in to see the interview on Fox Business Network as sponsored programming on November 14, 2015 at 4:00pm ET [01:00am Gulf Standard Time, November 15, 2015].

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