KromatixTM patented technology provides colored solar glass for both photovoltaic and thermal solar panels. The KromatixTM technology has been developed in close collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology [EPFL] and offers the only attractive alternative to the black and dark blue panels, without compromising on the performance, efficiency or architectural designs

Color Principle

The colored appearance results from the reflection of a narrow spectral band in the visible part of the solar spectrum. The rest of the solar radiation is transmitted to the solar panel to be converted into energy. The colored coating stacks are optimized to offer the best compromise between color intensity and solar panel efficiency.

Optical effect with KromatixTM technology

The colours of nature all around us are produced by different aspects of the interaction of light with matter. The most common is light interacting with coloured pigments and dyes which absorb and reflect certain light wavelengths. Colour has however sometimes a purely physical origin as created by diffraction or interference of light.

It is a known fact that many butterflies obtain their colour thanks to interference phenomena. Their wings are composed of nano-sized transparent layered structures which selectively filter light and reflect mostly one wavelength, depending on the exact structure and interspatial distance between layers, so we see a single bright colour. For instance the wings of the male Morpho Rhetenor appear bright blue. But the wing material is not, in fact, blue; it is transparent and just appears blue because of particular nanostructures on the surface. More precisely, the nanostructures on the butterfly’s wings are about the same size as the wavelength of visible light and because of the multiple layers in these structures optical interferences are created.

A similar effect is used to create the colour of KromatixTM solar glass but on the contrary to butterflies’ wings, the transmittance of the coloured glass, which is a crucial factor for energy production, is also optimised.

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KromatixTM patented technology provides colored solar glass for both photovoltaic and thermal solar panels...

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